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Welcome to our Preakness Baptist Church website. We have some exciting news to share! Within the next few weeks, this site will be redirected to our Preakness Faith Community website. After three years of working as a family of believers, we have adopted a new name but our foundation is still as strong as ever on the rock of Jesus Christ.

As you all know, changes take time and work so we appreciate your patience in waiting for our new website to begin.

We do not want you to miss any of the exciting moments coming at Preakness Faith Community and welcome you to join us!

September 17th is our gathering with special music, message, followed by a light lunch, family style. We believe in the family of God, taking this journey of life together as one. Yes, it has mountain-top experiences; and yes, it has valleys, but we thank God for our personal relationship with Jesus and each other.

Come join us on the 17th at 10:30 a.m. I promise you will receive a warm welcome, encouraging words, and surely sense the presence of a God that is alive in 2017.

Our doors are open to you! Come join us!

Blessings, Pastor Jane Bishop

From the Laptop of Pastor Jane

Where is my laptop today? Together we are looking out my picture window at 184 Hillcrest, a place I have called home for almost 8 years. To think, I was to be here only one year when I moved in. I must share with each of you that this surely has become “home” and a reminder of God’s presence, memories of my dear friend Lois Paterson and a picture window that has allowed me to see more clearly all the gifts from Our Lord. In July, John and I will be moving to another “home” at 47 Worcester Drive, Wayne, NJ 07470 and although this move has been emotional at times, it is surely God’s timing for us and Lois’s children, who wanted to sell their home this year. As the song goes, “God will make a way” and that He surely continues to do!

I thought it only appropriate to write my PEALS ar- ticle from this place one last time, taking in all I am discovering this May, 2017 day, looking out my fa- vorite picture window. We say it is May but surely the weather has had us guessing although the grass is green; flowers are budding; birds are making their homes; and the house on Alps Road is filled with Azalea’s in full bloom.

When I think of spring, I am reminded it is a time to G.R.O.W. physically, emotionally and spiritually. Spring represents new beginnings; blooming; and even turning over a new leaf, as they say. I am also reminded of the Parable of the Sower and the seeds that we sow in Matthew 13. Sometimes we are hin- dered by things around us that choke us; scorch us; and even prevent us from growing. Yet how can we enjoy the blessings all around us and G.R.O.W. so we produce blessings one hundred fold for Christ? As a typical youth Pastor, may I suggest 4 ways to ponder:

Through God – Take time to walk and talk with the Lord, dwelling on His word and al- lowing it to take root. Make sure we are planted firm on His foundation.

Through Relationships – Put aside your “to do list” and spend time with family and friends where you can nurture each other. Instead of holding the phone in your hand, take hold of something more precious, one another!

Through Outreach – Open your eyes and heart to the needs all around you and making a difference using your gifts from God. Take the $5 you might have used to buy a Star- bucks or Dunkin Donut drink and share it with someone in need. There is a seed out there that needs to be sown.

Through Worship – Worship inside, outside, alone, with others and give thanks each and every day. When we sense the presence of God, it is then we can blossom right where we are and others can see Christ through us!

Spring is here and it is now time to “SPRING into action “and G.R.O.W. There is a picture window waiting for you friends! As they say, stop and smell the roses along the way and above all allow Christ to G.R.O.W. through you.

Pastor Jane

Young at Heart

Put some "zip" in 2017 by joining Preakness Baptist Senior group.  We meet once a month on the first Tuesday at 11 a.m., except January and September.

We are a friendly group and enjoy programs in and out of the church.  Call us for more information at 973-956-0086 and ask for Nancy.

God Sighting & Healing Hands & Heart
Small Group & Study Gatherings

Every other Thursday, our God Sighting and Healing Hands and Heart small groups will gather. Our small group is a wonderful opportunity to support and encourage each other as we study His word. It is our hope that through our friendship with each other and Our Lord, we grow in our understanding of how we should imitate our Lord in our everyday life! Healing Hands meet at 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and is for woman of all ages and God Sighting is open to all adults beginning at 7:30 p.m. If you would like to join us, please contact Pastor Jane directly at or 973-956-0086.


Flip-Flop Sunday



Women's Retreat

Our Lavender Springs Spa Women's Retreat was a blessing as 21 women gathered at St. Joseph's by the Sea in Mantoloking this spring to sense the presence of the Lord and to grow in friendship together.  The setting by the sea, the amazing hospitality of Sister Dolores and Sister Burni, the delicious meals by the staff, and the smell of the salt water was the perfect way to retreat, relax and become renewed in His spirit.  Next year we will gather in March.  Save the date for 2017, March 10th to 12th!

Visit from Tuvalu

How wonderful to have Prime Minister Enele, his wife Salilo, daughter Sima, and many other special guests join us again on September 20, 2015 from Tuvalu.  What a blessing that we have the opportunity to see them each year as they come to the sessions at our United Nations.  May God continue to bless each of them and their country Tuvalu. 


60 YEARS IN 2015!

God continued to bless us at Preakness Baptist Church and 2015 was our 60th year!  We began ministry on Hamburg Turnpike in the barn until we moved to 1441 Ratzer Road officially in 1972.  During our 60 years we have been blessed with six Pastors each being truly called by Jesus Christ and sharing their many gifts from God while with us!

In 2015, our Pastors came to visit us personally or via DVD and we were blessed.

Cake for Pastor Herb
Pastor Jane and Pastor Herb
Pastor Herb and Dave Radway
Mancini Family


On September 13th, we had the privilege of having the Rev. Dr. Lloyd and Betty Kenyon with us to celebrate our 60th anniversary.  Pastor Kenyon was our third Pastor and served for 25 years!  A blessed day!





Did you know?

Did you know that you can go on our web site or and check out a copy of our recent bulletin, PEALS, a church schedule, a youth schedule and even some recent photos? If you ever have any questions, just check us out on the web.